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How to Prevent Eyelash Extensions from Clumping Together?

How to prevent eyelash extensions from clumping together? Clumping eyelashes are also called “stickie lashes”. Clumpy lashes can ruin the overall look of your lashes. There are many reasons for …

eyelashes lash-extensions

What length of Eyelash Extension should I get?

There are many facts about eyelashes that are known to each and every one of us. For example, as you already know that the top natural eyelashes are always longer …

eyelashes lash-extensions

Tips to properly brush your eyelash extensions

Looking gorgeous after getting a new set of eyelash extensions! You must be thinking that how to take good care of these stunning new set of lashes. But as soon as …

canberra eyelashes lash-extensions

How to make your lash extensions last longer?

How to make your lash extensions last longer? If you are getting your lash extensions for the first time or even if you are a regular and already obsessed with …

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The Cat-eye Eyelash Extensions

Cat-eye Eyelash Extensions Cat-eye is a style of eyelash extensions that uses longer length lashes towards the outer corner of the eye and uses shorter length lashes in the inner …

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